Planning & Hosting the Perfect At-Home Wine Tasting Party

Looking to plan a wine tasting party for your friends in the comfort of your own home? I am here to help! Here are some tips and insights on how to create a night that you and your friends will never forget (or remember)!

How to Create the Wine Ambiance through Decorations

When I think of wine tasting, a few things come to mind: vineyards,  wine glasses, and a feeling of class and simplicity. If you are planning a party at your house, it is smart to make your guests feel as if they are tasting in an actual winery, rather than around your kitchen table. A good starting point is to pick a theme. Are you going for a more rustic vibe, or an elegant, high-class vibe? Whatever theme you choose, this should be incorporated through all of you decorations. Centerpieces are the next step. It is practical to keep your centerpieces simple and elegant, and to now crowd the table with decor, leaving room for the important things, food and wine!  Other common decorations for at-home wine parties are wine bottles with string lights inside, vases with wine corks inside, wine boxes with flower arrangements inside, and many more. Pinterest and Instagram are good resources for finding ideas for easy, beautiful decorations and centerpieces.


Creating the Perfect Menu

As we all know, the food is just as important as the wine when it comes to these kinds of parties. The best way to go about selecting your appetizer or dinner menus is to first pick your wines. The wines you decide to taste will help you determine which foods you want to serve. It is obvious that some foods taste better with certain wines, so keep the idea of food and wine pairing in mind. Shoot for food that will enhance and compliment the flavor of the wines, and vice versa. Some common foods that go along with wine tasting are cheeses, chocolates, nuts, fruits, and more. It is a good idea to serve both smaller appetizers (that you will taste alongside the wine) as well as providing a larger dinner or lunch option for your guests. The last thing you want at your party are hungry friends or family members! There are tons of recipes you can find online that will provide great ideas for food.


Fun Activities to Get the Party Started

Although the idea of drinking wine and eating food will excite your guests, it is smart to also plan fun activities or games that your guests can engage in during your party. These will help create a fun, comfortable atmosphere and will allow your guests to relax and really enjoy themselves. Ice breakers are always great to do at the very beginning, making sure everyone gets to know each other. A popular activity to plan throughout the majority of your party is “blind tasting”. This is where you have 3 to 5 bottles of wine with covered labels, so that the guests are not aware of which wines they are tasting. They can start by each tasting a different wine, guessing which wine they think they are tasting, and then switching to the next bottle. Once each guest has tasted each wine, the bottle labels can be revealed. This is a great way to encourage your guests to use their senses to their best ability. You can find other fun activities on Pinterest. DoNAPA-IE_WINE-full.jpg

For more ideas and tips about planning your perfect wine tasting party, take a look at these websites:

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